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Lines on neck – find out how to get rid of neck lines

Let us start with telling you that neck lines are just totally normal. However you will be able to find out here what causes them and how to treat them but also how to prevent them! If you want to find out all of those aspects keep reading the article!

Causes of neck lines

Neck lines are simply neck wrinkles. It comes out that neck is affected by natural aging process as well as all of the daily activities we engage it in. Here goes some factors which are the causes of neck lines:

  • sun exposure,
  • genetics,
  • repated motions.

Horizontal lines on neck

What is causing horizontal lines on neck? Well very good question, and we have the answer. In fact those lines are caused by the same factors which are causing wrinkles on other areas of the human face. Yes, it is that easy.

Tech neck lines

Tech neck is a term which means premature development of horizontal lines across the neck. Those neck lines are caused by the position of people faces as we look down at technology. Fun fact is this that once it was called necklace lines. In fact the tech neck lines shows up because you are looking down at the screen for many hours a day.

There is also another way to prevent tech neck wrinkles. This is to hold phone higher that it will be on your eye level. We spend hours using our mobile devices keeping the head down which can be really cause the neck wrinkles.

Treatments for neck wrinkles

Are you wondering is there are any kind of treatments which can be used to get rid of neck lines? If so we are here to tell you that there are couple of them. Let’s list them here:

  • mesotherapy treatment,
  • exercise,
  • beauty care products,
  • sunscreen,
  • vitamin c serum,
  • improve neck posture,
  • quit smoking,
  • properly cleanse and exfoliate neck area.

Mesotherapy treatment

This treatment is in fact a nonsurgical treatment which involves microneedles, so don’t worry it is not a risky procedure. This treatment works well and helps your skin to absorb various cocktails packed with an anti-aging formula which is helpful in getting rid of existing lines.


Exercising neck will strengthen the neck muscles. So while muscles will get tighter, they will simply pull on the neck skin and make those neck lines and wrinkles become smoother.

Beauty care products

As you are already probably using skincare products at your skincare routine time that contains anti-aging properties, you can simply use your anti-aging products on your neck and chest area. The key is to use moisturizer daily.


You should be aware of it that uv damage skin, that is why you should apply sunscreen with at least a SPF 30 rating to your neck this is a simple way to be protective about sagging skin. Those actions may not reduce the neck lines and wrinkles however will for sure prevent further skin damage which is caused by sun.

Vitamin c serum

Vitamin C serum which is helpful with neck lines

Good ammount of a healthy amount of collagen is a key of youthful skin. Vitamin C is a component of the collagen. This kind of serums can boost collagen production.

Improve neck posture

It is almost impossible however posture can affect the appearance of neck. To avoid this problem keep your posture straight to prevent neck lines.

Quit smoking

Smoking can cause premature aging. Smoking can make people look older than their actual age. If you will quit smoking this will allow the skin to heal!

Properly cleanse and exfoliate neck area

It is almost 100% obvious that you are washing you face at night time, but are you doing the same with your neck?

It is very important to exfoliate. Exfoliating encourages skin cell turnover. Why? Well because it helps you to get rid of excess dead skin cells. It is no needed to exfoliate everyday because neck has sensitive skin. You can do that about once a week.

Why does some people have neck lines while others don’t?

Are you a person who have neck lines and wrinkles maybe too? Are you wondering why you do while others doesn’t? Well if so you will be able to find the answer here.

In fact there are couple of factors which can effect on it how your neck ages. Those factors are:

  • sun damage,
  • smoking,
  • skin tone.

sun damage

When your skin is damaged by for example sun, then the collagen and also elastin aren’t functioning optimally. Those damages causes this that the skin can not resist but starts wrinkling.


Smoking in fact can make you look way older than you acctually are. If you want your skin to look nice it would be a good idea to quit smoking remember it is never too late. If you do this will allow your skin to ejuvenate itself and heal.

Skin color

This in fact is very interesting aspect because people with lighter skin tone tend to be open to environmental aging and develping of wrinkles at early age. It is way different when it comes to those with darker skin.


  • if you want to prevent wrinkles you can use for example retinol. It increase the production of collagen and what goes after it prevent lines and wrinkles from happening. Retinol is also proven to stimulate cell regeneration,
  • drink water and hydrate your body. Body needs hydration to keep your skin healthy,
  • protect yourself from uv rays, becuase they are the number one cause of premature aging.


Skin health incredibly important and that is why we should care about the delicate skin of ours and also we should pay attention to the signs that skin gives us! Also remember that the neck skin is a thin skin type what makes it more susceptible to environmental damage.

Skin care is the most important thing!


  1. I’m 50+ woman and I was always ashamed of my neck lines. Now I know what is probably the cause of them. Thank you so much for so many advices! Great article you guy’s!

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