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Breast pimples – are pimples on breast normal?

Are you taking your bra off after a long day and are noticing small red spots on your breast? It kinda looks like a pimple to you, but you aren’t 100% sure? Let’s find out what those pimple looking spots on breast are!

Breast acne and its causes

Breast skin is just like any other skin on your body parts, that is why you can get pimples there. Pimples on breasts shows up due to things like:

  • oily skin,
  • allergic reactions,
  • bacteria on skin surface,
  • inflammation,
  • clogged follicles.

There are also other factors which are:

  • hormonal changes – changes in hormone levels very likely will contribute to acne durning puberty. In fact hormones can affect the skin throughout adulthood, especially in women,
  • diet – some certtain foods are increased risk of acne. Those foods for example are milk and dairy products, trans and saturated fats and also refined carbohydrates,
  • genetics – if a person’s mom or dad is prone to acne their kids may be more likely to have it later on in the future,
  • stress – stress itself may not cause the acne itself, however it can make it worse. Some of the dermatologists says that stress is affecting the glands and is producing sebum (an oily substance),
  • certain medications – some meds like for example corticosteroids, thyroid hormones and some of the antibiotics can cause acne.

Other causes of breast pimples

There are many other explanations for this health conditions. Keep reading to find out everything about them.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection which often is connected with vaginal discomfort can also occure in other areas of the skin. This infection can cause reddish rash or pimple looking rash. If you want to prevent yeast overgrowth, you should focus on keeping the area dry

Bug Bites

There are many bugs which can get access to your breast, however you will be able to tell the difference. How? Well that’s easy. Bug bite is more likely to be itchy so if you keep scratching it is the most likely to be bug bites. What bugs can bite you? Well, couple of them. Those bites are:

  • mosquito bites,
  • spiders bites,
  • fleas bites.

Folliculitis/irritated hair follicles

Let’s explain what folliculitis is. This health condition which occurs when hair follicles starts to be irritated. This irritation which we are talking about starts when only one or several red bumps appears.

Breast cancer

To be honest breast cancer can cause breast pimples, however it happens in extremely rare cases. It is being said that skin irritation or even dimpling can be an early sign of breast cancer. However if you firstly notice small and itchy bump which later on increases to a boil or large pimple and discharges blood or pus you should go and contact your doctor immediately.

Dead skin cells

Dead skin cells may be trapped in pores and also present of the dirt, bacteria and oil can make the acne worse. Yes that’s right the acne, why? Because acne shows up most of the time when skin pores are clogged.

Home remedies

Woman is removing her make up to prevent pimples

Here you will be able to find out some of the strategies which will be helpful in reducing and elimianting pimples on breast. Those home remedies are:

  • good exercise hygiene – by good exercise hygiene you can understand wearing clean work out clothes, showering immediately after working out, using oil free sunscreen, removing makeup before working out,
  • reducing stress – to reduce acne you should reduce stress. You should do that because chronic stress can lead to many health problems which can cause acne as well as more severe health problems,
  • wear breathable clothes – loose clothes can be very helpful in avoiding or reducing the appearance of pimples on the breasts,
  • do not use body lotions and creams which clog pores – people who are more likely to deal with acne should choose products which won’t clog their pores.

Treatment of breast pimples

Treatment in fact depends on this how severe the acne itself is. If a person has one or two pimples here or there it doesn’t need medical treatment. Only those more severe cases may need topical treatment which is medical one. Here goes some of the advices for those who are dealing with milder cases of breast acne:

  • you should wash skin with gentle cleanser and also rinse with lukewarm water. This helps keeping acne at bay. Do this about twice a day and after each workout,
  • try avoiding scrubbing the skin of the breast. Avoid things like scented lotions,
  • do not squeeze or pop your pimples. Let it clear all by its own.

However sometimes otc treatments and all of the home remedies may not be enough to deal with acne. In cases like that doctor may prescribe a medication for you. Here goes some of the acne treatments which are available by prescription:

  • retinoids,
  • products that contain both salicylic and azelaic acids,
  • chemical peels,
  • laser and phototherapies,
  • anti-androgen agents,
  • steroid injections,
  • isotretinoin.

When to seek for doctor attention?

Lets start with those larger areas of swelling and redness of the skin around the breasts should be for sure checked at the healthcare professional who will give you proper professional medical advice because it can be a serious concern.

However if you noticed a small pimple looking like spot, you should keep your eye on it for about a week or maybe two. If it is still there you should go and check it at the doctor. In fact Persistence of any red lesion for more than four weeks should me medically reviewed.


  • women who are more active and exercise frequently may more possibly prone to breast pimples,
  • inflammatory breast cancer is very rare. It is accounting for only about 1% up to 5% of all the breast cancer cases,
  • pimples showing up on the nipple are more likley to show up to people who are breastfeeding,
  • OTC acne remedies may contain active ingredients like salicylic acid, sulfur, retin-a, benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid or resorcinol,


Remember if you are concerned about a lump, small red bumps and any other bumps or even a pimple which doesn’t want to go away you should seek for dermatologist attenion. Most pimples are nothing to worry about however some of them should be checked by doctor especially when they become painful and swollen.

Remember to check your body everyday and don’t use body lotions which will clogg your pores!


  1. Pimples on breast can be very annoying but now I understand why they are showing up. Thanks for explaining so much to me. Lovely article!

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