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How long does people have braces – let’s find out what is the average time for braces

In fact you can get braces treatment at any time of your life, however it is more common nowadays to see adults wearing braces. But does the time of the adults braces treaments differs from children treatment time? To find out keep reading the article!

Orthodontic treatment time

To be honest there are many factors which define the time of wearing braces. This orthodontic treatment time depends on the main factors which are:

  • type of braces,
  • dental hygiene,
  • treatment necessary.

Age plays huge role in it how long should you be wearing braces. If we are going to take a look at children and teens their teeth tends to move way quicker than the adult teeth.

The treatment necessary will be different for everyone. In fact some people won’t be needing full teeth straightened but only few of them.

Crooked teeth – braces treatment

Very common reason for wearing braces may be because you have:

  • crowded teeth,
  • sticking out teeth,
  • spaced too far apart teeth.

You should look for the treatment connected to these issues to avoid:

  • gum disease,
  • cavities,
  • enamel erosion.


Bite is known as the way your top and bottom teeth align. This bite may not line up the way it should be. Thats why you may need to wear braces for bite types like:

  • open bites,
  • cross bite,
  • deep bite,
  • underbite.

In fact treating a bite with braces can take longer than normal treating misaligned teeth.

Type of braces

There are couple of types of orthodontic treatment. Those types can in fact affect your treatment time. Here goes the list of braces types:

Traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces are most of the times recommended for some kind of serious correction of teeth misalignment. Metal braces involve brackets which are attached to your teeth and are threaded with metal wire to connect them.

Process of wearing metal braces will be looking like this. Your orthodontist will tighten the wires every couple of weeks. He will do that to slowly align your teeth.

Clear aligners/ceramic braces

Clear aligners are able to be removed, are clear and plasticklike trays. They are going to be changed out every couple of weeks when your teeth shift. It is possible to remove those trays however you shall do that only to clean your teeth. Other than that situations shouldn’t be considred as those where you can take them off.

Lingual braces

This kind of braces are metal braces which are glued behind teeth. Lingual braces are more affective than other two. Lingual braces are the most aesthetic type of braces.

Other orthodontic treatment

In fact orthodontic treatment may need to involve other tools than just braces, and in fact can affect the length of time of the treatment. Those tools are:

  • headgear – this thing is going to be wear over the head or on the face (it will bve mostly done durning the night time). It connects to the braces if the jaw alignment issues are complex. This in fact is an option for a growth patients,
  • rubber bands – these rubber bands are attach to braces to treat jaw alignment,
  • palatal expanders – these expanders gonna be fitted in the roof of the mouth and use a little bit of force to widen the jaw. These are popular to be prescribed for children who are still growing. They may help to avoid braces or lessen the time person will need to wear braces later on.

All the process

Dentist does the teeth examination of his patient

Here you will be able to find out how this whole process of getting braces gonna look.

This process will start at first appointment and will start with the examination of the mouth. There will be taken x rays, digital impressions, facial photographs and also CBCT scans. After that if will be needed plaster models of the teeth will be made if necessary. Second appointment is all about orthodontist reviewing all your test results and records to develop treatment options.

Those actions will give dentist approximate length of time of wearing braces by the patient. In fact there is no way to predict exact timeline of wearing braces, however there are some of general guidelines. Those guidelines are:

  • average amount of time of wearing braces is somewhere in between 18 and 24 months,
  • for older patients who wants to have straighter smile, treatment time may even take up to three years,
  • for those less severe issues clear aligners are going to be good candidate for this kind of treatment. This may require treatment time which goes from 6 to 12 months.

Can time of wearing braces get shorter?

If you have questioned the treatment time there is a short answer. You can possibly make the treatment time shorter. To do so you shall do proper oral hygiene practices and also keeping a healthy diet as the orthodontist’s instructions were saying. Those actions plays huge role in shortening the time.

There are also foods that people should stop eating with the treatment process. Those foods are hard foods as well as sticky foods like:

  • nuts,
  • maize,
  • gum,
  • popcorn,
  • sugary foods.


  • follow instructions given by the orthodontist about clear aligners and other appliances,
  • keep seeing your orthodontist for adjustments regularly,
  • don’t forget to visit your dentist for regular cleanings,
  • when you are done with the braces successful treatment, it is important to wear retainer, which will keep the new smile in place by giving the gums and jaws time to get used to the new positions of the teeth.


  • some people may need only a few teeth to be straightened,
  • orthodontic care is over after your braces are removed,
  • qualified orthodontist will make notes of the progress as the person goes in for a new tray,
  • to prevent wearing braces longer you have to follow instructions that evere given to the patient from the orthodontist.


Oral health is very important, so if you are dealing with any kind of teeth problems you should go to the dentist and follow of the instructions that will be given to you. After getting familiar with the article you have got a better idea of the treatment time.

If you are a person who is thinking about getting braces you should remember that the earlier someone will get them the faster the length of the treatment will be. Get needed treatment and enjoy your healthy smile! Just keep your teeth clean and healthy to reach it.


  1. I’m a person who were always scared of dentist, however I got myself together and I set an appointment to a orthodontist thanks to this article! Now or never they say huh?
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